NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
dotfilesDotfiles from my $HOME. Me2019-11-10 09:32
stm32vldiscovery-linux-templateTemplate with program for STM32VLDiscovery, which can be compiled and flashed on the Linux. Me2018-05-30 11:31
CO2Meter_docsDocumentation for CO2Meter project. Me2018-05-06 11:28
CO2Meter_prototypePrototype of software for CO2Meter project. Me2018-05-06 11:03
todo_generatorSmall program to generate LaTeX files with marked (or dated) lists from pure text files. Me2019-06-06 22:48
PyArtistsGalleryStandalone web-gallery for arts and photos, written on the Python 3. Me2015-06-21 21:01
samples-4-freelanceMe2016-03-23 22:12
termprogsSet of programs, which realizes handmade Workstation<=>Server protocol. Me2009-08-23 06:10
cs-alias-cljGenerator of cards for Alias game. Me2012-08-01 18:45
jamendo-clientConsole client for Jamendo music service. Me2011-08-16 09:18